Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving forwards

Thanks to the assistance of my lovely wife, Sore Thumb Press is on the move! I've completed inking 24 pages of Ninja Baby and have found an excellent colorist ready to tackle the pages; it feels absolutely wonderful that one of my 'babies' is that much closer to being ready to print.

We're considering print options; I'd suggested a black and white book for traditional paper. Color does look a lot more vibrant, perhaps pdf versions would sell just as easily. Once the book is colored, lettered, and finalized, we'll make the decisions necessary to have the book ready to share with the world.

While my colorist works on this project, I'll focus on a second concept. That will involve a bit of mulling, since I have many that I'm attached to; whichever it is, the news will be broken next week!

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