Friday, January 31, 2014

January goal accomplished; next stop, Kickstarter!

The last week has been quite productive. With the assistance of my lovely partner (as well as Sarah, my computer-literate daughter), we have completed two video 'trailers' that will be used in our Kickstarter project pitches.

I should be listing one (hopefully both) later today. This blog will be updated with links.

In case there are new folk to this blog, please feel free to look thru the archives; I'd discussed my concepts in detail over the years, as well as including lots of artwork and interesting stuff.



Friday, January 24, 2014

Lil' Ninja jumping forward (literally!)

Things are indeed moving forward.

Last week, I knocked out a snipet of animation with Lil' Ninja (the new name for our Ninja Baby concept). It felt good to flex some old creative muscles, and the results were quite fun. With luck, we'll finish her Kickstarter video this weekend.

At the same time, I'll be working on the Slam McCracken video later today. I have a solid vision of what I hope to accomplish, looking forward to the finished work.

I've really enjoyed focusing more on my many concepts; my partner and I just can't shake the feeling that big things are in store in 2014!


Friday, January 17, 2014

A slowly rolling snowball....

My first Friday focused on STP was a good one; I worked out a quick storyboard for my Slam McCracken Kickstarter pitch video, sketched out a quick animation which will be part of my Ninja Baby pitch video, and went thru all of my concepts with fine tooth comb.

To that end, I've decided which were more developed than others; it's tricky, I'm fond of all of my 'babies', but have to admit some are less 'half-baked' than others. What excites me is eventually having different creative folk help flesh some of these out; fresh perspectives can only improve what I've already come up with.

It's tough sometimes to maintain my enthusiasm. When weary physically, a future in self-publishing seems quite the impossible task. These moments always pass, and I know in my heart (as constantly mentioned to my lovely partner) that success will come!

Hopefully, I'll have videos and pitches ready by the end of January (fingers crossed).

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ring in 2014!!!

And a New Year is upon us!

December has been particularly hectic with artwork commissions and the like; it's been impossible finding time to focus on Sore Thumb Press, but I've resolve to commit Fridays solely to STP from now on to get things moving.

I figure that having a day where I'm not distracted with other work will allow me to devote the proper energy to my concepts. Step one is keeping this blog fresh, after that, the sky's the limit for what I hope to achieve every week.

My wife suggested I pick Slam McCracken for a Kickstarter pitch, and I tend to agree; at the same time, pitching Ninja Baby simultaneously should work just fine, since the concepts are wildly different. To that end, I'm planning my Slam video today, looking thru some old artwork, and creating a rough storyboard.

I'm pretty excited about 2014; it seems my passion and drive keeps growing, and I figure success is inevitable! 

Pictured: a Joe Nemo cover/pin-up I aim to have colored in the near future.