Friday, October 19, 2012

Funding options

When I first considered self-publishing, funding sources became a priority. I assumed (naively) that launching this blog with my online 'hand' held out hoping for a donation would generate some money. This didn't transpire. I realize that folk are bombarded daily with requests for charity or demands on their disposable income (as well as the fact that promotion of STP has been so far limited). I was never completely comfortable asking for money to fund my publishing dreams anyways, and when nothing trickled in, I prepared to do things out of my own pocket.

Last week, I noted that IndieGoGo is available for Canadian projects. I've eyed Kickstarter ever since it began, but they restrict projects to US citizens (as of this writing). I like the concept of rewarding folk willing to contribute to my dream with nifty 'gifts'; I have some neat ideas bouncing around my noggin if I ever had the opportunity to try either site.

I've discussed the matter with my co-publisher, and we have some mulling to do. Funding is a powerful tool; it could either help complete material that is at a fledgling stage, or allow us to print stuff that's almost finished. We'll have to go over out list of concepts, and decide A) if funding is worth pursuing, and B) which 'baby' should be our focus.

I'm confident that if people were properly introduced to my ideas, they'd become as passionate about them as I am. Once we've decided if/when to take that step, this blog will share the details.

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