Monday, May 7, 2012

The Avengers: My review

Saw the movie this past Saturday with my lovely wife. Overall, I thought it was fun romp, my low expectations were solidly met.

Joss Whedon has always shown a deftness with dialogue and banter, and I enjoyed the character development and clever zingers. As a matter of fact, I think I preferred the quiet moments to the loud and bombastic action sequences. Today's movies approach fight scenes as a hyper-kinetic video game, which tends to get tedious. The over reliance on CGI and shots awkwardly inserted solely for the purpose of 3D were other annoyances.

That being said, The Avengers is an entertaining blockbuster; I left my brain switched off (I gave up trying to follow the logic of the plot early in the flick) and went along for the ride. Performances are great (although there was way too much Robert Downey Jr, it almost felt like an Iron Man sequel with special guest stars) and the film treats the comic book material with the right mix of awe and humour, without being condescending.

I was surprised to see young kids in the audience; although language is tame, there are intense and violent scenes that may be too much for young ones.

I had a geek moment when I recognized that deadly grin after the closing credits!

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