Saturday, May 26, 2012

Alien: Resurrection

I stumbled across this movie the other day while channel surfing; I had memories of seeing it in theaters when it first came out, but couldn't recall if it was any good. When the credits popped up, I was surprised to find a familar name as screen-writer: Joss Whedon.

Rewatching the film, his fingerprints are all over it; a small group of hip (and visually interesting) characters struggle against near impossible odds while tossing clever and salty quips. The plot device of returning Ripley as a clone, with neat 'powers' to boot, is intriguing and handled deftly. All in all, a fun 'comic book' movie, way before the genre began to dominate steamy Summer movie theatres.

It's cool to consider how Joss paid his dues, while producing material that was obviously near and dear to him. His early scripts led to Buffy, which eventually led to Astonishing X-men (one of the finest runs on the book in its history), and ultimately the runaway success of Avengers.
I have tremendous respect for his skills and creativity.

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