Friday, September 2, 2011

Which hat to choose?

My decision several years ago to take the plunge into developing my concepts didn't seem overly complicated. I'd filled sketchbooks and sheets of paper with ideas and plot notes, and all it took was a leap of faith to decide to spend time on these concepts (considering how thrilled I constantly feel to see them 'come to life' tells me I made the right decision).

Thanks to the artistic help of Ash and Grant, I have a solid inventory of material to ink and format for four of my concepts. Having an inked backlog of pages in preparation for my September ashcan, I'm experiencing a dilemna: do I devote my energies to producing completed issues with my concepts, or do I pitch them to prospective publishers?

The latter is certainly tempting; having someone else take over the hat of publishing and promotion is extremely appealling. At the same time, signing my creations over to a publisher that may not feel as passionately about them as I do gives me pause.

The former involves a tremendous amount of work and familiarity with both the artistic and business sides of the coin. I'm really not certain if I have the knowledge, drive, and energy to do it all. On the other hand, having complete control over my concepts warms my heart.

That's where I'm at: I'm mulling over pitching certain concepts to publishers, yet half-heartedly. I guess I should find out more about what being published entails, as well as what I really need to know to do it all myself.

My wife feels (and I do agree) that my focus should be on producing completed stories. For the time being, that remains my focus, although I have fresh ideas that I wish I had time to work on as well.

Oh well, whatever happens with the future of Sore Thumb Press will be revealled here every Friday!

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