Friday, September 16, 2011

Montreal Comic Con: part 1

Here we are, finally.

When I decided back in early Spring to focus energy on a self-publishing venture, I set the Montreal Comic Con as a deadline of sorts. I figured 4 solid months was plenty of time to create an ashcan, which would showcase 4 of my concepts, as well as a couple ad pages. The deadline forced me to accomplish a set goal of work, which wasn't too hard.

Mission accomplished.

Despite a few hiccups (mainly involving printing of the booklet itself), I now have a small box of the things, to be sold to the masses this weekend. I booked a half table awhile ago (although too late to take advantage of early bird prices), and will be seated there tomorrow, ready to face the public, Sharpie in hand.

As this is my first con, I'm curious how it'll go. I'll be certain to provide a detailed report next week.

Deciding to do it was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone (for which I have to acknowledge the amazing support of my wife Isabelle). The weekend will be long, but potentially enlightening; I hope to meet Gail Simone and Dale Eaglesham if time permits. I'm proud of how the ashcan turned out, and seeing a physical version of my concepts only inspires me to take the next step (which I'm still mulling over).

I have a pdf of the ashcan available; for a Paypal donation of 1.00, I'll email you one asap.

I'm sure you'll like it!

Next week: con report

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  1. Awesome, Greg. I'm sure you're going to rock and enjoy the Con! I can't believe you haven't exhibited before. Your work looks awesome!