Thursday, February 7, 2013

Colorist search results

Our recent attempt at finding a colorist for Ninja Baby has been an eye-opening experience. It's very cool to see all of the talented folk around the world interested in working for us. Some digital painters showed absolutely incredible samples; that being said, despite carefully scrutinizing all emails/portfolios, the perfect 'fit' for our project just wasn't there.

It's difficult to quantify exactly what we were hoping to see; we just know that the right candidate would've jumped out at us.Ninja Baby (and all STP properties) are our 'babies' of sorts, and handing them off to someone new is a daunting challenge that requires much deliberation.

We've decided to take a temporary step back; our goal remains to have a certain number pf pages colored so that the images might spruce up an IndieGoGo pitch. Once that step is accomplished and funding is in hand, we're tremendously excited to move our concepts forward toward publication.

Please check back often for news about Sore Thumb Press!

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