Friday, September 14, 2012

Back on track

The Summer has just flown by.

Well, at least as far as STP is concerned.

I put aside my self-publishing endeavor to focus on commissions and entertaining kids home from school. With them back in class, and with my wife's help, I can devote time to finally getting things moving.

We've decided to focus on finishing pages for Ninja Baby, since I had a good amount already pencilled. I've inked 11 pages of a first story, and am working on the second tale right now (there's a good chance I'll add a page to the first story to 'beef' it up). 

Although I may keep material in b&w, color would be essential for web presentation or pdfs. I'm having someone tackle a sample page, and I'm excited at how it may turn out.

Once I have 24 pages ready, we'll figure out the next step. It makes sense that our priority should be having completed, print-ready work.

Let's hope I can keep up my weekly pace, and much appreciation for the comments and assistance of my wife! 

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