Friday, March 2, 2012

Interlude: Style choices

I've found myself consciously (and unconsciously) influenced by many comic book artists: early in my drawing career, George Perez and John Byrne were absolute favorites; later, I discovered Neal Adams, Gil Kane and John Romita. As I got older, I found myself drawn (bad pun) to Jack Kirby and Joe Kubert.

All of these gentlemen have distinct art styles, although the common factor is an ability to draw extremely well and convey a story in an entertaining and clear manner. I've struggled to 'find' my own style; my default tends toward a realistic approach, but I tend to have a lot of fun when drawing in a more exaggerated style.

Hot off the drawing board is the above webcomic. It's a contest entry that I hope to win, since I find the concept fun and engaging. I decided to try a style that suits the quirky material, and think the results are swell.

With more drawing, perhaps I'll 'find' the style I'm most comfortable with.

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