Friday, October 7, 2011

New direction

I've been mulling what I should do next as far as Sore Thumb Press goes. Originally, my strategy was to have a certain number of pages completed in order to release a b&w anthology. I figured printing a batch of comics first and then trying to sell them was a good idea, but I've reconsidered.

To begin with, anthologies are a tough sell; folk tend to prefer a single storyline rather than a bunch of different ones. My experience at the recent con enlightened me to the harsh truth that folk won't gamble on a small press book unless it has some kind of 'buzz'. I wouldn't want to invest in boxes of books gathering dust in my basement (anyways, I simply can't afford that option).

I also struggled a bit with which concept to devote my energies to; on the one hand, I have several that are easily 'sellable', but a couple are dear to my heart and would be the most fun to tackle first. Time management is incredibly tricky, but after alot of thought, I think I've come up with a direction I'm happy with.

Starting next week, this blog will showcase a continuing webcomic, in glorious color. Each week like clockwork, until the strip is replaced by another. My hopes are that the blog will start to attract a steady following, and eventually printed issues will be the result. At the same time, I'll work on pitches for a few concepts (as well as continuing to develop new ones that pop in my head), with hopes that a publisher may bite.

I thank my current followers, and promise that some cool stuff is on the way. Please spread the word about my blog if you like what you see, I realize small steps are required to get my dream off the ground.

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