Friday, May 6, 2011

Where I'm at so far....

I dug through a tattered box stuffed with old artwork, and found the KT story I mentioned last blog (the first-ever collector's item appearance of Pike Armstrong!):

I love the roughness of the pencils, including taped panels and post-its These 4 pages are crackling with energy (although they need work), and reflect my general approach well: fun comics with quirky characters and situations. It's always a hoot revisiting old drawings, and I really should do something with KT the kid from the future!

My fund-raising goal is aimed at helping me prepare a finished 24 page comic book or two. A few years ago, I hired two excellent artists to tackle a couple of my concepts: Grant Perkins turned in some wonderfully wonky pencils for my Pike plots, and Ash Jackson simply blew me away with his pencils for Ninja Baby. I'll discuss these gents more in the future as I showcase their contributions.

I currently have around 70 pages of pencilled pages (including many pages and covers I've pencilled myself over the years). My goal is to ink, letter, and format them all, preparing completed comic books ready to download and/or purchase. Donations will allow me the luxury of spending the time to get this work completed, since I can't afford to take too much time off of my 'day job'. At the same time, I still have several concepts (I haven't even mentioned yet!) that I'd love to plot and have pencilled.

To the folk who have donated or will in the future, I offer my sincerest, humble gratitude.

It's only been a few weeks since I've decided to chase my dream of self-publishing; my enthusiasm seems to keep growing, and I realize this is what I've always wanted to do. I'm certain that with determination and a refusal to give up, my projects will finally see the light of day.

Next week, I'll discuss my 'mission statement', and why I believe my comics can thrive in a dismal comic book market.

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  1. Really adorable pencils! Looking forward to your mission statement, though the comic market is an incredibly difficult beast to tackle.